S4sensors showcases true vertical Hall technology at Electronica China 2023

August 30, 2023

S4sensors a pioneering start-up specializing in hall sensor technology, is set to define new industry standards with its groundbreaking true vertical Hall technology. The company’s innovative approach, based on patented true 3-dimensional hall technology, enables high-performance and cost-efficient measurements of lateral magnetic fields.

Building on its extensive experience in backside wafer processing, S4sensors employs a range of cutting-edge techniques to ensure exceptional sensor performance. By utilizing backside processing, an n++/n substrate with optimum epi concentration and eliminating p-n junctions, their sensors achieve excellent linearity and sensitivity. The stacking of logic wafer with sensor wafer, facilitated by the TSV (Through-Silicon Via) bridge topology, enables the highest possible integration density, providing a remarkable level of functionality.

One of S4sensors platform products, the S4-CSA01 current sensor, showcases the power of their patented backside semiconductor technology. This sensor excels in measuring the magnetic field parallel to the bus bar surface. Through its differential measurement mode, it significantly reduces the impact of external magnetic fields without the need for additional shielding. The robust built-in temperature compensation algorithm guarantees stability and low levels of lifetime drift.

Additionally, S4sensors 3D linear Hall sensorS4-3DB01 stands out with its ability to directly measure magnetic fields in all three dimensions. With excellent sensitivity and the use of four Hall-element clusters, this sensor is immune to stray fields, making it suitable for a wide range of applications such as rotation, linear displacement, and SFI (Stray Field Immune) capable joystick systems. It’s low temperature and lifetime drift, coupled with the wake-up functionality on magnetic and temperature events, provide exceptional flexibility for various applications.

Visitors to the Electronica China Trade Show 2023 will have the opportunity to learn more about S4sensors innovative 3D Hall Technology. S4sensors invites attendees to explore booth 7.2H A131 to learn more about our innovative solutions and discover how our cutting-edge hall sensor technology can help provide simple and effective solutions to current and position measurements applications.

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About S4sensors

S4sensors stands for Smart Sensors System Solutions. Our passion is to build sensor solutions to solve customer applications problems. We design our products with the system in mind to offer smart and cost-efficient solutions. S4sensorsdeveloped a pioneering hall technology, based on deep expertise in back-side CMOS technology. This enables S4sensors to build sensors based on unique technology IP, which affords our products unique features and advantages. These benefits we bring forward to our customers in terms of superior sensor performance and reliable and mature manufacturing and supply chain.

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