Smart Sensors System Solutions


S4sensors 3D position sensor provides directly measured value of magnetic field through I²C interface and combines high sensitivity with extremely low current consumption in the sleep mode.
S4sensors magnetic current sensor based on patented backside semiconductor technology detects the magnetic field around the current path generates by the current flowing through.


Our high-performance sensors offer reliable and energy efficient sensing solution for alternative energy and power grid management applications.​
With application flexibility and system cost saving our sensors offer excellent solutions for industrial applications.
Our hall sensors are well equipped to serve traditional and electrified power train applications. S4sensors has extensive automotive manufacturing experience.


Our technology is what enables our sensors to offer high performance and cost-efficient measurements of lateral magnetic fields. Our hall technology is based on patented true 3-dimensional hall technology.

This is enabled by our long-term experience in backside wafer processing. We use n++/n substrate with optimum epi concentration with no p-n junctions. Wafers are stacked using TSV bridge topology. Deep trench isolation enables full dielectric isolation of the hall. Our technology enables the stacking of logic wafer with sensor wafer and thus offers the highest possible integration density of a product.
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